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In the Quang Nam Province of Vietnam, unpredictable droughts and flooding create instability for many families who rely on farming for income. The family of My, age 6, are farmers who struggle to afford enough food, typically eating just two small meals each day. Although life is difficult for her family, including her parents, older brother and younger sister, My is a very cheerful and lively child.

Since enrolling in the Dai Thang Preschool, My has benefited greatly from the Stop Hunger Now meals she receives at school each week distributed by Children of Vietnam.

My’s teacher Hong Nhung Le Thi said, “Because of My’s family’s difficult financial situation, it is rare for them to provide the right level of nutrition and physical health for her. So when we received the vitamin-fortified porridge, I was very happy not just for My, but for all the children of the preschool. They are now provided with nutritious meals that improve their physical health.”

My says she enjoys eating the Stop Hunger Now meals with her friends at school.

Hong Nhung added, “Thanks to the Stop Hunger Now meal program, the school has additional means with respect to food to improve the health of the children. These impoverished children from rural areas are now able to have meals that have sufficient levels of nutrition. The school can now improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.”

My hopes to one day become a doctor so she can help those in need.

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