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As we look forward to celebrating Labor Day, which serves as a tribute to the social and economic achievements of American workers, we consider the need for increased access to employment opportunities for residents of the countries we serve worldwide.

In addition to supporting youth education programs, Stop Hunger Now meals are distributed to vocational training programs around the globe. These training programs are valuable tools for breaking the cycle of poverty and providing opportunities for advancement.

Pediatric Foundation for a Better Tomorrow

Isobel, 22, lives with her two children in a very small space with two twin beds, a kitchenette and two chairs. This is not uncommon in Los Alcarrizos, Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican Republic, an area characterized by high levels of poverty and vulnerability, as many of its residents are forced to live together in tight spaces. Isobel used to struggle to feed her children, providing them with two meals a day and living off of their leftovers.

When Isobel became part of the Pediatric Foundation for a Better Tomorrow, she had the opportunity to finish her high school education and received Stop Hunger Now meals via Citihope International. The organization offers academic, psychological and spiritual support to young mothers and pregnant teens while providing childcare for their children.

Isobel Baez and Son

Isobel’s teacher, Santos, shared, “When Isobel first came to class, she was a very shy girl but had high hopes of becoming something of herself. Today I can say Isobel has grown as a person; she has matured as a human being and as a mother of two. She never misses a day of class. She shows up early every day at school and is always prepared to learn. She used to say that before she lived blindly, but now she lives happily.”

Santos added, “Isobel is more active, participating more fully and effectively in a wide variety of activities. Since she began to eat Stop Hunger Now meals, her academic performance, education behavior, cognitive skills and attitudes are better.”

Isobel says she now sees herself as a strong, independent woman who plans to continue building her future through her studies and hard work.

Pediatric Foundation for a Better Tomorrow