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Preventing malnutrition begins in the womb. As expectant mothers in Villanueva, Nicaragua receive nutrient-rich Rise Against Hunger meals at the Global Links Maternal Center, they are paving the way for a healthy life for themselves and for their babies. At the Center, women also have access to clean water and medical care.

Nohemí Brenes, age 22, is pregnant with her third child. Nohemí is carrying out her pregnancy at the Maternal Center, as she did with her previous child. She says she is extremely grateful for the opportunity to stay at the Center with her two children, who are fed three nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals each day.

The nutrition from Rise Against Hunger meals helps keeps expectant mothers like Nohemí Brenes healthy throughout their pregnancies.

Karina Zelaya, Director of International Programs for Global Links, shares that the maternal facilities operated by the organization have led to decreases in both infant and maternal mortality rates. The home provides its women with 24-hour medical care and hospital referrals for childbirth. Many women in Villanueva like Nohemí often do not have access to medical care, and have no option but to give birth in unsanitary conditions with no medical oversight.

Mildred Gomez, nurse, prepares Rise Against Hunger meals for women at the Maternal Center.

Mildred Gomez, a nurse, says the Maternal Center is always full. The women in the home support each other by cleaning and preparing food for one another. The nurses at the center work to provide the women nutrition and childcare classes in order to help ensure healthy life after childbirth for both the mothers and infants.

By providing expectant mothers with access to nutritious meals, health care, and guidance for motherhood, Rise Against Hunger and Global Links are working to break the cycle of poverty and create a better life for generations to come.

As Mother’s Day nears, we are celebrating moms around the globe like Nohemí who work tirelessly to illuminate the path to a brighter future for their children. Please consider honoring your mom this year by making a gift that will lift up others.

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