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Yesenia Tatiana Ortiz*, age six, lives in an adobe clay home in the mountainous town of Sonsonate, El Salvador, with her parents and two-year-old brother. In Sonsonate, unemployment is widespread, and many lack access to adequate nutrition and sanitation.

While Yesenia’s family struggles to meet their basic needs, she is a happy and energetic child who loves going to school. At Yesenia’s Child Development Center, she receives Stop Hunger Now meals distributed by partner organization Convoy of Hope. As a result, Yesenia’s health has greatly improved.

Yesenia’s teacher Cristina Gomez, said, “Yesenia’s family does not have access to all of their basic needs, but despite this, Yesenia is very happy with her family. She likes this school. The entire family is very thankful, because thanks to the food we receive they are fed and have good health, and both her mother and the father express that it is truly a blessing to receive this help. Like them, many other parents are very thankful for the support this institution receives.”

School meals attract children to education programs and prevent dropouts — especially among girls — while simultaneously alleviating short-term hunger and enabling children to learn and to break the cycle of poverty.

Supporting access to education all over the globe and getting girls to school is #HowWeRise.

*Name has been changed

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