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Every day, Stop Hunger Now works to provide meals to children in education programs, medical supplies to health clinics serving tens of thousands of people, water filters to those who lack access to clean drinking water and so much more. We are constantly expanding our global impact, deploying critical aid to those who need it most.

Working together to implement this holistic approach to community development is #HowWeRise against poverty, against injustice and against hunger on a global scale. We’d like to share an example of a family and a community that is rising with us.

Sisters Bridgett and Precious, ages 9 and 13, live in the Mtendere compound in Zambia. Many of Zambia’s 1 million orphans reside in close quarters in compounds like this one, where running water is hard to come by and a lack of arable soil prevents crop growth.

After Bridgett and Precious’s mother passed away and their father abandoned them, their aunt took them in and provided them with one meal each day. Life has changed drastically for the sisters since they received sponsorship to enroll in the Mtendere Legacy Academy, where they receive Stop Hunger Now meals each day distributed by Family Legacy Missions International. The girls take comfort in knowing they will have food to eat, and school staff report that they are happier and more focused in school.


Steve Mbuzi, Area Coordinator for the school, shared, “The introduction of the food program has been a huge blessing, because most of these kids are going without eating. We used to have kids who would skip classes so they could go do part-time work to earn money to be able to eat. Now, these kids are staying in class all day long, and the food even helps them be more focused, alert and aware during class because they aren’t so hungry.”

He added, “The community really appreciates and loves what is taking place here. Everyone wants their child to be educated, but they also hear about the lunch program and it causes them to be even more anxious to get their children enrolled in the school program. The economy is really tough and people are having challenges providing for their kids’ education in addition to food. It means so much to these people to know their children are receiving food every day. And not just food but very good food–food that helps these children gain weight and be healthy.”


Kathryn Shindoll, superintendent of Legacy Academies, added, “We’ve heard so much positive feedback from teachers and even children that the food is truly making a difference in our children’s ability to concentrate and focus in class. The food has been such an extra incentive for kids to not miss school. Attendance is significantly stronger and the kids’ overall attitudes seem to be more engaged as a result of the food. We’re so grateful for an incredible partner like Stop Hunger Now for the great food they have been providing for our children. We truly could not do what we do for these kids without other organizations like them.

Many of these kids have never eaten a meal like what is inside of the Stop Hunger Now packets, so it’s always a joy to watch them eat these products for the first time. Their bodies continue to grow healthier.”

We can end world hunger. When we work together, we rise together. #HowWeRise

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